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Riwa, Iarmella
06 August 2020 @ 03:04 pm

Let's make this easier than life♫



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Riwa, Iarmella
29 September 2016 @ 12:55 am
I know. I disappeared and had my LJ cleared out without a heads up. I didnt reply to any messages, comments and everything for more than 3 years and I apologize for that. If youre my friend on facebook you would know it was the same and I recently got the park of being a fangirl again. Though I may not be back full time but at least I know Im here. And as a small gift...Im opening all my entries to the public....and I hope I get the respect that anyonr would want to have, if you need my styff tell me, but so far this is the least at the same time best I could do. Open my LJ, and no stealing of ideas and personal pictures please since I cant go thru everything one by one and change it all back up.

To people who kept sending me messages, leaving comments..there are thousands and i take this opportunity to say I am deeply moved by this. Thank you for the support and patience guys. Love you all and I love Hey! Say! JUMP
Riwa, Iarmella
06 August 2015 @ 08:43 pm

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Riwa, Iarmella
20 November 2014 @ 03:19 pm
Yes you've read that right. For people who knew I went through hell since last year...and people, well to be precise, 4 people (you know who you are) whom I had the chance to give overviews of what really happened...I now declare there's CLOSURE! LOL, that was empowering! Imagine me with big smile, a happy voice, and dancing to the beat of Happy by Pharell.

It was only after I had people I can talk to, that finally, my ex decided to talk to me seriously. Well, either the influence of alcohol, calling me at 3AM (I slept 1AM that day btw), crying for another ex...I finally took the courage of asking how was I as a girlfriend, or at least just what the hell went wrong? I knew what went wrong, it was a one-person relationship on rebound. That's going to be about it, but I still couldn't forget the part where I was called insensitive, immature, demanding, selfish, and just name it, except of flirt (which I most certainly did not do). So there I went, taking the final chance of asking. "How was I as a girlfriend?".

Of course, I really had to ask that because that was my first, and so far, my only. And there would be some quiet times that I would think something was wrong with me. And that was entirely my fault. And then, there...it was just a simple "You're perfect. You're perfect because you're so willing to change everything, take on anything for your partner". And that was a boost to my confidence once again, finally. And yeah most of you would suspect that I'm on the way of being stupid because you think that my ex is flirting with me, well guess what, that ain't going to happen. Believe me. For as long as I'm not flirting, nothing's gonna get me...and that just isn't my thing now.

So there, explanations cut short, I have no intentions of reiterating everything that was said. And since I was already there, I already asked, demanded even, for an apology for that one certain line that caused me to smack my ex in the face (I literally did). And that, was also given.

And just basically, I was smiling throughout. It was like there was this heavy ball in my mind, stomach, wherever the hell it dropped in my body when we broke up, got lifted up. They say there's no such thing as closure, and that no closure is just going to be about it, but for me, closure comes in different ways, we don't know when, how...but it just does, and it's the most fulfilling thing ever. And I'm glad I haven't written all my heartbreaks just yet before this post, because if I do, I will sound insane. I wish everyone out there, who are broken, never had closure, would just finally had, what I was given after that hell :)

This is the part where I'll say. Damn man! I finally moved on :)
Riwa, Iarmella
01 September 2014 @ 12:25 am
Yeah, it's been a year. I just took a look at the clock and it's 12;15AM.

It was exactly around this time of last year when I cam to work, only to tell my Coach I couldn't handle anything. The best that I ever did that day was take a bath before reporting to work. And that was about it. It's been a year since I got my heart broken. :(

It still saddens me and I can't decide if I wanted to cry or to laugh at it. But taking in to consideration that I was in so much pain, confusion and for crying out loud, a baseless hope of getting back together...I can still feel the chills. The way I was shaking. I know it myself and people hasn't stopped telling me that I have to forget about things, but I have the curse of remembering things. When I was studying it was easy and it was convenient, but now I wish I could just have a delete or reformat button I could click so I will live like nothing ever happened to me. So I could just live back on my teen age years where writing fics, and watching videos were the best for me. Where all the angst I wrote about were just my ideas, not my won experiences. And I wish sooooooo hard that when I write about my first love, and how it went, it would be just some sick ideas or plots I've thought about. Not something I've experienced.

It was already a year. A year since I went home at around 2AM, knocked my own bedroom's door (lucky enough my best friend decided to stya over), and I broke down, I remember my knees felt like jelly and I fell on the floor. Then I did not stop crying. It was August 31, 2013 when I started crying every night. Every time I wake up. Before I eat (if I could even eat at that time). I still feel weak every time.

But here I am. A year after. Still broken, but glued up for a stronger next years...
Riwa, Iarmella
07 March 2013 @ 08:03 pm
Title: Ryu Ryo (New Version) [Part 1]
Author: [info]iarmella
Pairing: YabuNoo, InooTome
Rating: PG-13
Warning/s: Inoo is a girl. 4100+ words ;) I'm planning to make this real quick!
Summary: Ryutaro always knew from the very start that he did not deserve poor lifestyle and definitely not a useless father like Hikaru to have him. Ryosuke on the other hand felt more than blessed for having Kei and Kota as his parents. But with the revelation of hidden hatred, undying obsession and extreme will for vengeance....one by one, everything falls out of Ryosuke's hands with Ryutaro catching everything. And in one blow, the secrets behind their real identities turns their world upside down.
Author's Note: I revised my original version of this fic to this one because I really wanted to continue it but was too annoyed to do so. Solely written for the sake of having fun with my friends since this is based on a little drama on our TVs almost two years back :)


“Ko-chan, this is Yaotome Hikaru, an old dear friend and-“ Friend. Old friend. “Hikaru, this is Yabu Kota, my husband” Husband. Husband.Collapse )
Riwa, Iarmella
27 January 2013 @ 12:40 am
Hiyah guys! How's it been?!?!!?

LOL, I know I don't have any right to actually ask that, especially not when I've died on you all, and promised to be back as soon as I can. I'm trying to catch up, seriously. I have plenty of break time for this semester, which means more time for the fandom! But even before I knew it, it was already January and I get to start working on my travelling papers, and I also filed for a pro-ballet test (again)....wish me luck! So I'm getting a bit too busy. The thing about having packed scheds, is that time flies fast. While the thing about lazy breaks, is time flies faster! Voila!

Anyways, all up and out for JUMP, I hope they'd release something soon! I hope y'all would have a nice year ahead :))))

In some unwanted sides....since the second week of January...temp here played low around 7-10C D: Sooo cold!

Add Click the pic and add me up on FB! (that's a piccy from yesterday, after school!)

Riwa, Iarmella
30 November 2012 @ 02:01 am
Title: When I see your face [Chapter 15]
Author: [info]iarmella   
Pairing:  InooTome
Rating: PG-13
Warning/s: Inoo is a girl. There's violence and blah blah blah.
Summary: Inoo Kei is a young criminal defense attorney, that was framed up and accused to have helped the mafia boss, Yaotome Hikaru. And this had marked the end of her career even before it started but Yabu Kota, a fine young attorney like she is and the prime minister's youngest son, helped her up to defend herself and create her name. She soon found herself in love with Yabu Kota, and their selves in an affair. And the relationship ended in a manner that had let her running out of Yabu's life, with an child that he was ignorant about. And years have passed, she was under Yaotome Hikaru possession because he had saved her child. Things became more complicated as Yaotome Hikaru found out her affair with Yabu Kota years before and he was ready to kill them both.
Author's Note: This is from a book :) Plotted out from it and let's see how many knows it.


His words frightened her...Collapse )